Army exercise – EX Help required – bi-annual activity conducted by Australian Army

The area is utilised by Recovery Technician’s of the Australian army on designated training areas. the roads in and out used are Myrtleford-Yack road, Back Creek road, Kirby Flat rd, Moyle road, No.1 Road and Firewood depot road.

There will be numbers of vehicles used daily – 2x Medium Recovery trucks, 4 x Heavy recovery trucks and 4x ford range/small SUV vehicles for the duration of the 12 day block

number of personnel of the floor would not exceed 15 pers (includes and site visitors)

sites used are designated training areas being:

4 ways, Spooks, Cliffs, R&R, BBQ, Kindy 1 and 2. (designated call signs for recovery site as per Yack forest management)

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