Mystic Hill –
Tuesday 1st November 2022
Distance: 11km
Elevation Gain: 562m

Where to start: At Alpine Park in Wandiligong.

Parking: Please follow the parking attendants instructions to park within Alpine Park.

Start Time: The Bright Alpine Climb is a staggered start. This is due to both the nature of the trails being run and also the diversity of speed that participants travel.

Participants can self select start time from 7am- 8am at 5min intervals.

Start Period 1: 7-7.30am – Walkers
Start Period 2: 8am – Runners

Finish pack up completed by 12pm

The Course: Starting in Wandiligong, participants leave the Alpine Park via Grenville’s Rd, turning right and beginning a winding climb into the pine plantations and toward the approach of the summit of Mystic Hill from the East. upon reaching the summit and traversing the launch pad – participants head south along Water Reserve Track which climbs another 120m over the next 2km. Participants then turn left in a very steep descent back down to the pine plantation where the course levels out and they wind their way back to the finish.

Participant numbers: 300 runners. No infrastructure on HVP land as it is based at the Alpine Park. This has bathroom and waste management at Alpine Park.

Traffic Management – parking a: Alpine Park- no vehicles in plantation

Emergency Management – Level 2 first aider on site. UHF radio and mobile phones used for communications

Communication – ie: Local Alpine Shire has provided a permit to use Alpine Park. Event is a running race 7am-12pm.

No food or drink provider on site.

The event has been held in the same location for the past 20 years.

Permission has been received from DWELP and the Alpine Shire for the sections in their land. This run does not enter Mystic Park.

Any further question more than happy to answer Rob 0403296516

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