Duncan’s Run is an annual Ultra Marathon trail running event of 100km, with 3 supporting
events of 50km, 21km and 6km. The event is held within the Latrobe City and Wellington Shire regions
encompassing some of the most the scenic and regionally significant areas including the
Grand Strzelecki Track and Tarra Bulga National Park. The event is important for the local
community and Latrobe City as it is the only ultra marathon event in the region. The run has
international coverage due to participants being able to obtain points that can gain them
qualification to enter ballots for significant ultra running events overseas, such as the Ultra-
Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) festival which is the running equivalent of the Tour de France for
The run is held in memory of Duncan Orr, a keen ultra runner from Traralgon who was killed
in an accident in February 2013. Duncan had a dream to organise an ultra trail running
event locally, this is where the Duncan’s Run committee took his vision and successfully
created an ultra running event that encapsulates the spirit of what Duncan set out to do as
well as showcasing the beautiful natural environment that Latrobe City has to offer.
Duncan’s Run 2022 will be 8th time the event has been staged. In 2019 the 100km was
successfully re-introduced and across all the events we had 488 entries due to the great
efforts of our promotions team.
This is over double the number of entries from 2018 of 195. This is mainly due to an
increased amount of promotion through Duncan’s Run Facebook page and personal contact
with ultra-runners at other ultra runs throughout Victoria and Australia.
The 21km continues to be the most popular event this year hosting 222 runners alone. All
the events bring along a lot of Local, interstate and international runners to support the
local community and for fill Duncan’s legacy of staging a Gippsland Ultra Marathon.

Please see attached supporting documentation for additional information.

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