we’re inviting 70 of our dealers to Bright for our annual dealer meeting. This is made up of a couple of days of presentations around business planning, new models, etc. Part of the dealer meeting this year, we’d like to give them an off-road experience on our new Adventure Touring Motorcycle, the Pan America. We specifically chose Bright because of the incredible riding in the area and also the close and easy-access to the HVP site to town.
We’d be taking groups of dealers (17) on a guided ride twice a day. One group of 17 of us in the morning, another in the afternoon, across both days. Each time they’ll be behind the lead rider/project lead at a controlled pace and respectful of any speed limits within the plantation.
We’ve driven the course in a street 4WD so emergency access is possible if required, we’ll also have emergency first-aid on the bike with the Project Lead for each ride and emergency satellite contact along with mobile phone.
We don’t envisage being in the park for any longer than 2hrs total for each ride-through.
We would also look to be shooting video/stills along the way, but can do a separate application if required for this.

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