Friday the 11th some members may camp at the Too-Rour reserve for people who have distance to travel to the Trail ride. The trail ride is for Saturday. There will be 10 t0 20 horse riders. The ride starts and finishes at Too-Rour reserve.. The club is an Australian Trail Horse Riders Association member that has Public Liability insurance. The ride is run by accredited officials and complying with the ATHRA code of conduct a copy is available on the ATHRA website.
Majority will arrive on Saturday morning, and the ride out a 10.30am. No camp fires will be permitted, all rubbish will be taken out and horse manure spread out or taken away.

On Saturday the 12th of June Out from Too-Rour Police Road to Gallentis Tk then the verge on the HVP side of the Bonnie Rd to Cleos Tk to Mt Piper road then to the second Cleos Tk to The Bonnie Doon Road crossing over the road then follw the tracks on the verge HVP side following the Bonnie Doon road. Turn right and follow tracks to Gallentis Tk then follow tracks to the dam on Police Track. Then lima fall track and Rd to Lima falls ride to the Lima Falls.
Returning via E1 Tk to A Road, Gardeners Road to the Bonnie Doon Road, to Too- Rour.

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