No activity will occur on HVP land apart from vehicles and occupants driving at slow speed on part of Coles Rd., Stockyard Plantation, to enter state forest at Larsens Track. (see red highlight on map)

On the day before the event, Friday 4 March, one vehicle will require access to state forest via HVP Stockyard Plantation to set up signs and road closure barriers in State Forest for the rally on the following day.

On Saturday 5 March, at approx. midday, a convoy of 6 vehicles will require access to be placed in position along the route in State Forest to secure the route from access by the general public. The Stage Manager will be in radio contact with Rally HQ in Mitta.

From 1330 to 1430 three course cars will require access to the competitive stage on State Forest to ensure the route is safe and secure.

From 1440 until approx. 1600, up to 50 competing vehicles plus three sweep and recovery vehicles will require access through Stockyard Plantation to commence the stage on State Forest. Vehicles will pass at low speed on this liaison section of the rally.

The start control for the competitive stage is on Larsens Track, outside the plantation. (see lime green highlight on map for Stage route)

From 1630 to 1730 officials placed along the course will exit back the way they came through Stockyard Plantation.

Access is required along the eastern portion of Coles Road only.

The event is based at the Mitta Mitta Recreation Reserve where catering is being provided by local community groups. Up to 50 competing vehicle crews, plus support crews, officials and spectators has gone close to booking out all available accommodation in the valley for two nights, an estimated total of 450 bed nights.

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