Event Details and Event Plan.

The horses and their riders will be traveling on the tracks and roads as per the attached map and list of track names.
Approximately 60 riders are expected to be participating, the only ride date being the 9th May 2021
There will be 3 Control Points situated along the route, incorporating 2 people and 1 vehicle at each Control Point.
There will be a Raglan CFA Medium Tanker with 2 members on the route distributing drinking water for the horses into plastic water drums at 4 designated water points.
There will be no temporary structures erected on the route, any rubbish will be collected at the control points and removed.
The ammenities and toilet facilities are situated at the Raglan Recreational Reserve in Raglan which is the base camp for the ride.
A pre event track inspection and debris removal/clean up will be carried out on the 5th and 6th of May, and a post ride route inspection will be done on the10th of May.
First aid and communications will be handled by the Raglan CFA, using UHF cfa digital radios as well as cb radios. The control point staff will be briefed prior to the ride commencing regarding safety, radio use and emergency procedures.
All Covid protocals will be adhered to as per the current Government Regulations.
There are no nearby residents or other stakeholders along the route.
The Raglan CFA as well as The Raglan Hall and Recreational Reserve Committee are the beneficiaries of the event profits after all expenses.

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