We camp at the old school in Watkins road and on Friday 25 horses on the ride : Afternoon ride near the camp 9 klm proposed ride out 2.0pm on roads outside the Plantations
Saturday: Proposed horseless muster 9.30am ride out time 9.45am
We ride to Lima falls the ride distance is 22Klm, Watkins road to Bonnie Doon road and ride along the verge beside the road to police road then along Police road crossing the bridge and follow the old Lima falls track to the falls
Near the fall car pack the is plenty of area and trees to secure the horses, this will be our lunch spot with some large fallen trees to sit on. Riders have the option to ride down closer the falls with a spot 50m before to secure their horses and walk to the falls and returning to the lunch spot

On the return we can water the horse before crossing the creek, from water buckets ( I will Cary several) It is safer to cross the creek beside the bridge, it is a shallow easy crossing, the timber bridge has some gaps. Follow the road to E1 gravel road to A road then Gardiners Lane, Bonnie Doon road to Watkins road and Watkins road back to camp
now it is 10Klm back to camp (From the camp 12Klm to the Falls)

Sundays: : Proposed horseless muster 9.15am ride out time 9.30am aim to be back by 2.30 to 3.00pm
We ride is 23Klm riding beside the plantations and through forest tracks, no creek crossings.
At 9Klm from camp horse water available at the seven creeks bridge by using canvas bucket as horse access is not safe,
The lunch stop at the Bonnie Doon road and Cleos Tk. Intersection, this is open area
Follow beside the Bonnie Doon road on the side of the plantation to Police road . and verge to Watkins road

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