This is the second year of the High Country Rail Trail Horse Ride Incorporated weekend event. This event is covered by our accreditation with ATHRA (Australian Trail Horse Riders Association) and the ATHRA insurances. An incident free inaugural event was held the same time of year in 2018 with 17 participants. We are anticipating no more than 30 riders in total for 2019.

The purpose of this annual event is to attract visitors to North East Victoria and build on the Man From Snowy River brand. It is a fundraising event so our local community can finish building the High Country Rail Trail through to Cudgewa. It is also building visitation with the goal of encouraging a local business to deliver supported horse trail riding on the High Country Rail Trail into the future, generating off-farm income and supporting local businesses.

All Ride Stewards have undertaken accredited training with ATHRA and have decades of horse husbandry and riding experience. Two riders are former DELWP Dogmen. The event will be delivered complying with the extensive list of policies and procedures set out by our affiliation with ATHRA, from Code of Conduct to Emergency Management, Pre Ride Checklist and Incident Reporting. Details of these can be found at:

Organisers will install arrows and pink ribbon along the ride courses to minimise the risk of any riders getting lost. This risk is also mitigated with 5 Ride Stewards riding with about 20 riders.
Arrival Time: 3PM onwards at DELWP Airbase, where registration and briefing.
Pre Ride Summary will take place during Dinner by Lead Rider

Muster Time: 7:45am DELWP Airbase. Briefing with Ride Leader. Riders will then head out on 30km loop ride with Ride Stewards mixed between horses and a Tail Rider.
At morning tea and lunch, horse riders will be met by support team, which includes water trailer (water for horses), portaloo (riders) and food for riders. There will be 3 support vehicles driving to each meeting point. A horse float will be available if required.

Ride Start 9am Muster at the Airbase, where ride and safety briefing then head out on 15 km loop ride. Riders met by support team for morning tea (water trailer for horses, portaloo and food for riders.

HVP TRAILS IN SHELLEY THAT ARE PROPOSED TO BE USED: Steves Rd, Edgars Track, Humphries Track, Avondale Rd, Tonkins Track, Beetoomba Rd, Kanes Creek Rd and Powerline Track

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