Dear HVP, we would like to use HVP land adjacent to Insolvent Track, Stockdale for parking of vehicles related to the rally for the test day on Thursday 24 August 2023. No HVP land area will be used for competition purposes. Insolvent Track will be closed within the state forest only between the forest boundary and Letter Box Track. We will setup a no-go zone of at least 15m from the pine plantation edge to prevent access. No re-fuelling will take place on HVP land. Up to 10 crews (car & support vehicle or truck) will be present for a maximum of 4hrs in the morning 8am – 12pm and a further 10 crews for a maximum of 4hrs in the afternoon 1pm-5pm. Cars and trucks will be parked on the firebreak area as shown on the map. access will be along the track bordering the forest and plantation.

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