We are looking to conduct unmanned aircraft operation over one of the Woodend plantations to capture test data to inform the development of imagery analysis algorithms. The operation would involve two people, a pilot in command and a safety officer conducting automated grid missions over plots. Imagery will consist only of top down photos. Any incidental imagery captured of the public or HVP staff will be deleted onsite.
Operation parameters include:
• Altitude: 50meters
• Area covered: 104 hectares
• Pridicted number of images: 2337
• Number of flights: 7
• Time on site: approximately 3 hours
Technology used:
A professional visual photography drone with integrated 4k video / 12.4mpx still camera will be deployed to capture aerial video of points of interest.
For redundancy of supply, two identical aircraft will be transported to the site and remain on-site during the mission.
UAV DJI Matrice M210
It has IP43 dust and weatherproofing, resulting in flight being possible in high winds, a temperature range of up to 45°C. This removes some of the limitations of operating on outback in coastal environments.
For redundancy, a second aircraft with sensors will be transported to the site and remain on-site during the mission.
This aircraft comes equipped with a RTK module integrated directly into the drone, providing real-time, centimetre-level positioning data for improved absolute accuracy on image metadata. This ensures the highest quality data possible. A redundant GNSS module helps to maintain flight stability in signal-poor regions such as dense cities.
DJI Zenmuse X3
The UAV will be fitted with a stabilised visual camera. This camera will capture overlapping still images that will enable the creation of high-definition visual imagery of the site. Please note: it is our intention to reduce the lens aperture below that which would be expected of normal photography. This decreases the density of images allowing the viewer to better peer into shadows.

DJI Zenmuse X4S
Visual mapping survey will utilise a DJI aircraft in combination with a 20MP Zenmuse X4S sensor. The Zenmuse X4S uses a DJI-designed compact lens with low dispersion and low distortion 24mm equivalent prime lens. This 84° POV, high-resolution lens makes the Zenmuse X4S as powerful during aerial imaging as it is on the ground. Combined with CineCore 2.0, the Inspire 2’s powerful image processing system, it can record 4K/60 H.264 and 4K/30 H.265 videos at a 100Mbps bit-rate, and oversample 5.2K video in real-time, capturing fine image details.
Ground Control Support
Also available for Melbourne is Uaviation’s Ground Control Station (GCS). The GCS will provide an independent viewing and data-checking platform for Melbourne. The client liaison can communicate with the RPAS team in real-time to ensure the right data is captured.

Uaviation will abide by all company, HVP and CASA safety operations. This include fires risk mitigation measures which entail the position of fire suppressant and extinguishers at the mission home location. No operations will be conducted on high fire risk days.

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