The Training Weekend is the kick off event for the endurance season in Victoria. It consists of horse and rider combinations traversing a marked track within a specified time limit. All horses are vetted by registered veterinarians to ensure horse welfare. It is a non-competitive event that is aimed at training horses in preparation for the competitive events held at other locations.
Ride base is located on a private property on Willung Road, Rosedale. The riders will depart from the ride base and traverse through country roads, forestry tracks and private property. Checkpoints are located on the tracks to ensure the safety of the riders. Waterpoints are available to ensure horse welfare is maintained.
All tracks within plantation areas are on formed tracks and no off track access is required or permitted.
It is expected that a maximum number of 60 riders will attend the event for each day but not all of these will be traversing the plantation tracks as the shorter riders (5km, 10km) will be on country roads and private property.

The only vehicles that will be on track will be the emergency float and vehicle, the track designer in their vehicle, and the vehicle with the water tank to top up the drums at the water points. No other vehicles are permitted on track under our rules. All drivers will complete the HVP Visitor Induction process.

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