Seeking to make contract to explore the possibility of conducting an event west of Won Wron in the Greg’s creek HVP plantation area.
For 2021 we had this event fully approved with DEWLP to complete a loop through the Won Wron and Mullungdung State Forest with COVID restrictions cancelling this event. This permit included a full traffic management plan and traffic control to be employed on the day, the traffic management plan was prepare by TrafTech.
For our 2022 event planned for the weekend of the 30/04/2022 & 01/05/2022 we have come up with the concept to enhance the event by of offering the club members with a loop on both Saturday and Sunday.
30/04/2022 Saturday – Heading West to Gregs Creek Area passing through HVP plantations – approx. of about 50km loop leaving and returning from Wron Wron Rec Reserve.
01/05/2022 Sunday – Heading East to Won Wron and Mullungdung Stradbroke State Forest – Permit to be obtained from DEWLP with the loop to be similar as per 2021 approval approx. 100km loop
Venue and scope of the event.
The start area, sign on and the Parc Ferme (impound) will be at the Won Wron Recreation Reserve.
Riders will leave there on the Saturday and Sunday 3 per minute and complete a designated loop
The course will be marked with white B5 sized cardboard markers with red soy based ink arrows and dots. . International standards apply to course marking. Some plastic course bunting (ribbon) will be used at the Won Wron Recreation Reserve. All course markings will be removed at the conclusion of the events.
Club course setters have a keen knowledge of hazards suitable to keep riders challenged but not their safety. Danger markers will be placed 50m before hazards.
Please note that all motorcycles are registered, and all riders licenced. All riders will obey Road Traffic Rules. TAC Insurance covers riders injured on private land even in a club event.
Course marking will be undertaken in the week leading up to the event, all course markers removed on the Monday at the latest.
+Event insurance is covered by Motorcycling Australia with circa 40M in public liability cover
+Traffic management plan will be prepared.
+Event First aid will be on hand.
+As we are obtaining a permit for DEWLP we can supply all the same style of information required for this permit as well.
+Final course loop to be determined, the attached is a guide to the approximate area we wish to ride.
+Reference – The event was previously held in 2019 with Dwelp permit covering the event, dwelp were happy with how the event was ran, including preapproved trails and roads that were utilised.
+Community involvement – Numerous locals are assisted with this event including Won Wron Recreation reserve committee offering the site as a venue, food vendors are catering on the day. When we started this event 4 years ago it was only a small crew organising, we now have around 20 locals helping including farmers ect. This event will provide some economic support to the local town of Yarram with accommodation and food / drinks enjoyed by the visiting members.
Please contact Shane Flowers 0439 338 823 to discuss the possibility of this event.
Thank you

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