VERI Vinduro over recent years has hosted three successful Vinduro events on DWELP and HVP managed land.
In 2022, the Won Wron Vinduro was hosted from the Won Wron recreation reserve as a two-day event with day one riding the HVP managed Grieg Creek area, and day two DWELP managed Won Wron and Mullungdung state forests.
The location of this event was successful and well received by both event entrants and the local community. Direct community involvement from the Recreation Reserve Committee, local farmers, local coffee vendors, and the Yarram Cricket Club was appreciated.
For 2023 we propose to conduct the same style of event starting from the Won Wron recreation reserve, with our proposed date of Saturday 29th April. We seek access to the same area as the 2022 event, using a combination of roads and trails heading west towards the Trig tower, Grand Ridge Road, and returning east to the reserve.
The course will be marked with white B5-sized cardboard markers with red soy based ink arrows and dots. International standards apply to course marking. Some plastic course bunting (ribbon) will be used at the Won Wron recreation reserve. All course markings will be removed at the conclusion of the event.
Club course setters have a keen knowledge of hazards suitable to keep riders safe. Danger markers will be placed 50m before hazards.
Attached is an electronic map of the proposed route.
Please note that all motorcycles are registered, and all riders are licenced. All riders will obey Road Traffic Rules. TAC Insurance covers riders injured on private land even in a club event.
Insurance cover for HVP, landowners, VERi officials and stakeholders will be provided through a Motorcycling Australia Permit and the relevant Aon $40M Insurance cover.

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