BlackLight is an US Action Adventure film currently in pre-production in Victoria.

Macedon Reservoir has been proposed as a location to represent a trailer park in Maryland, USA. The trailer park is set up as a nationalist encampment.

Scene to be filmed at Macedon Reservoir: Our hero character arrives at the trailer park to rescue an associate, an undercover FBI Agent. Unseen, he drives into the the trailer park to find his associate held captive in a trailer by armed right wing nationalists. Police are on hand attempting to de-escalate the situation, but are losing control. Our hero makes his way unseen to the trailer, collects his associate. He escapes with his associate amid gunfire, covering the escape by denonating two of the trailers . (please keep these details confidenital).

In further correspondence, we will provide a complete breakdown of the proposed trailer park dressing of “the Res” at Macedon Regional Park (please see the attached reference picture). We will also provide a breakdown and risk assessment for the use of special effects, pyrotechnics and blank gun fire at the “the Res”.

The scene will be filmed over three days out of chronological order. On the first day, interior filming will occur in the trailer and exterior filming outside the trailer. On the second & third day of filming, only exterior sequences will be filmed. These are establishing sequences and the concluding sequence of the scene. (Please refer to attached draft running sheet).

The location is beside Macedon Reservoir accessed through the HVP Plantation at Macedon.

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