We would like to shoot still photographs and some motion content to be used by Hard Yakka, to promote their garments.
Crew Will include:
2x models
Photographer & Assistant
Groomer and Stylist
1x art director, plus 4 people from Hard Yakka brand

We’ll be attempting to capture approx 3-4 shots in the Plantation area, and ideally would be on site for around 4hrs. For the rest of the day, we’re planning to shoot in nearby areas permitted by Parks Victoria.

We will have 1x small location van with us to use as a base, which we can park in available public parking outside of the permitted area if space and access does not allow within the plantation.
We will also have a prop car with us, a 4WD, which it would be great if we could drive into the area if this is possible. I’ve attached a picture of this car for your reference.

The models will be wearing Hard Yakka product, and scenarios will include walking through forest with axe and other tools, to create the impression they have been working – felling or clearing trees. In addition to this we’ll try to create a ‘camping’ kind of scenario, and if we’re able to bring the 4WD in, perhaps a scneario where they’re working on the car.

I’ve attached images of the areas we’d like to shoot, but the key features we need to capture are an area amidst the trees, a space with an open outlook, and a dirt road / firetrack kind of space.

I have requested the PLI for you with HVP Plantations listed as an interested party, and while i’m waiting for this to be updated and sent to me, i’ve included our general certificate below.

In terms of the date, we are aiming for Wed 26th June, but if weather is inclement we’d love the flexibility to shift this out to Thursday 27th. We’d make this decision for sure by Monday 24th.

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