We are a director duo, comprised of Stanton Cornish-Ward & Alexandra Kirwood working under the name Hiball. We are directing a music video for Australian artist, Allday. We are a partnership, and not an incorporated company.

We’re working with a limited budget, but would love to shoot at the Creswick Plantation for four hours on the 14th of March from 12-4pm. We’re still confirming vehicles, at this stage we estimate it will be five cars and one van. The rest of the clip will be shot around Ballarat, including Ballarat Municipal Observatory & Museum and the Bell tower Inn. The treatment in our production plan will give you a better idea of how it will look.

For the scene we wish to shoot at the Creswick Plantation, we would have five talent and a small crew of nine with a total of 14. We’d like to shoot around Near Andersons Road -37.4520604,143.8872940 Creswick VIC 3363 (plus point GVXP+5W Creswick, Victoria) – attached in our production plan of the area we wish to use. We had a location scout on Monday the 1st of March looking through the Parks Victoria part of the park, and accidentally got into the plantation through some wrong turns. A worker suggested getting in contact in regards to planning and recommendations as to where is suitable to film. We are open to moving to a different part of the Plantation if needed. We liked this spot included in the plan as it already had some debris around. We’d film off the road, setting up a bit into the pines.

For the scene we wish to film we have Allday and his love interest hanging out on a discarded Mattress (Of which our Art department will bring and will remove from the plantation afterwards), while 3 motocross riders ride around close by. We will be stopping and starting and not tracking, mainly shooting from either Handheld or a small tripod set-up. Will be actively aware of causing minimal amounts of disturbance to the aera. The three riders are all expenceired motocross riders, who are familiar with riding on this type of terrain.

We will be shooting on 16mm and will have some beautiful shots afterwards which we would be more than happy to share with and credit HVP where we can.

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