The shoot is a very small scale photo shoot for Kathmandu. I have attached the brief we have with client in the Production Plan section so that you can see the small scale of what we are aiming to achieve.

There will be 9x people on set: 2x models + crew. We will be very low impact and I am aware we are bordering on verging on high impact and hoping our overall production can be taken into account vs crew numbers if possible please 🙂 The shoot is a fashion shoot, with 2 models, in between the trees. We have no infrastructure or props – however we will bring a location van to ensure we have access to a changing room, H&MU station, and toilet facilities. There will be lightweight camera & lighting gear, mostly handheld with a few bits on stands. The crew will have cars and we will consolidate where we can.

The team will be looking to do a further recce on Tuesday (10th) AM to finalise the shoot schedule and we will share this with you as soon as possible, along with the further requirements needed for the production plan.

We are aiming to shoot on the 12th, with a weather hold on the 14/15 November. We will be there for a maximum of 8 hours.

Our photographer has flagged the main areas she would like to aim to shoot on / around, and we could look to finalise this for you after the recce on Tuesday. We are more than happy to work around any other truck activity / requirements from HVP to steer clear of any other activities.

Please note, I have not submitted the Visitor Induction Form as yet however Michelle Tran completed this yesterday prior to the first recce, and I will ensure all crew complete prior to the shoot.

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