Hello we’re producing a stills campaign for the next Kathmandu Winter Campaign. We will be shooting up in Mount Buffalo, along the Great Alpine Highway, and the magnificent Magic Forest!
We are looking to shoot for up to 5 hours on the afternoon of Friday 25th November.
We will have up to 22 people (incl. talent, crew and client), and are looking to travel with as few vehicles as possible (we are hiring a 12 seater bus plus there will be 2-3 other cars).
Ideally we would park as close to the Magic Forest as possible to minimise foot traffic, the campaign is all about the natural world and we have no intention of impacting the environment.
I have outlined the shots and areas within the Magic Forest in a PDF that I will share with you.
We have a thorough Risk Assessment and will work with you to ensure minimal impact.
In terms of equipment, this is stills only. We will have 2-3 x photography cameras, 1 x tripod, some laptops and 1 or 2 flash lights on lightweight stands.
We work a lot in outdoor areas and have strict policies in place about environmental impact, rubbish removal and respect for the natural lands.

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