The production has three sequences we would like to propose to film in Braithwaite Plantation, they are as follows in filming order:

1) The first proposed sequence, involves three of our character ‘Ivy’, ‘Tim’ & ‘Kaji’, who found an abandoned car in the plantation and take it for a joyride, unfortunately, they lose control of the car on a corner and end up in a ditch. With the car stuck they open the boot to find dry blood. With a recent murder in town the kids abandon the car again. Please note: this is a stunt sequence and will be overseen and controlled by our Stunt co-ordinator and Safety Supervisor.

2) The second sequence is proposed to be located next to the river where we would like to set up a Caravan for our main character ‘Joel’. ‘Joel’ is the love interest for our lead actress ‘Miki’ played by Katherine Langford. These sequence will show the home life of ‘Joel’ when ‘Miki’ comes to visit. Please note: ‘Miki’ will swim in the river on the first day at this location. Again this will be overseen by our Safety Supervisor and Stunt Co-ordinator. This location will require 3 days of dressing prior to filming. the production will provide a security guard during the nights.

3) The final sequences we would like to film in the plantation involve our three characters ‘Ivy’, ‘Tim’ & ‘Kaji’, in these scenes the kids will find the abandon car as they walk through the trees. Please note: A Safety Supervisor and Stunt Co-Ordinator will be onsite to oversee the actors as the run through the forest.

The crew will number around 35 people on-site (plus a cast of 5 people), including a Covid Safety Officer, A Safety Supervisor and an On-Set Location Manager Ben Howell (m) 0421 045 390 to oversee and liaise as required.

The production vehicles will consist of the follow:

Unit Base – 6 x Large Trucks, 1 x Generator, 1 x port-a-loo, 1 x Ute & 2 mini buses (These will be used to transport cast & crew to sets) – These vehicle will be park between the plantation and the road (as per the map). Additionally, we will set up several pop-ups for the cast a crew to have meals under. The marquees are 6mx3m and weighed down only.

Crew Cars – Approximately 30 cars to be park close to Unit Base.

Essential Vehicles – 3 x Small Trucks (3 tonner), 1 x Generator, 5 x Vans, 5 x Cars & 3 x Utes – These vehicles will be parked between the road and the plantation (as per the map). The Utes will be used to transport equipment to filming locations.

Picture Vehicles – 2 x Cars (Drive through the planation, including stunt), 1 x push bike & 1 x Caravan

Please refer to map for filming locations and the roads/trails affected.

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