The shoot is capturing still and video components of a brands product, that uses recycled materials in order to create a wine bottle. In order to highlight this we want to show unity and symmetry by shooting amongst the trees in the plantation. There will be two components of the shoot, one will be capturing the product resting on mirror plinths. These plinths we will bring on the day and remove end of day, they are medium in size and we will place them on blankets on the ground.

The second component is using a dining table set up with talent, highlighting a forest meal.

We will have a crew of up to 8 people, we will use the roads and trials to access the forest.

Our shooting location will be determined after a site visit we will conduct next week, we are looking to have forest floor and as much infinite tree background as possible. Ideally we want to be close to a trial/road so we can drive our vehicle straight to our shooting location.

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