AIS Resources Aust. Pty Ltd and its contractors will be conducting works on Wet Gully track near the Reliance track intersection within the Victorian State Forest. Risk assessment of Access and Egress to the work place has identified the most appropriate pathway is via Reliance Track. This is mainly due to recent works conducted on western side of ridge making tracks virtually impassable by a 4WD vehicle. As a part of the works, drill cuttings are captured and contained in IBC which have been identified as the most stable, secure and fit for purpose container. Every 2 or 3 days an IBC with drill cuttings needs to be taken to an accessible location to be collected by the disposal company. Review of locations has identified a site off Drew Road, north of Reliance Road at Freeburg as the most accessible and appropriate location. The site selected is on west side of road within the State Forest allotment near where an unnamed track heads into the state forest. This location has a suitable area on west side of the road within the state forest lot to avoid impeding the road usage. It is also likely to have less traffic than Reliance Road, and it is accessible to the Great Alpine Road for the disposal company truck to access.

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