Commercial eel fishing in Luxford Pond would include one operator, one 4wd vehicle and one 3m punt with 10HP outboard motor. Commercial eel fishing is licensed in Victoria by the Victorian Fisheries Authority (Licence No. EA7). A maximum of 50 fyke nets may be used, however it is unlikely that this quantity would be required to be used in Luxford Pond. Fyke nets are up to 10m in length and include a 5m wing, no more than 67cm in height, leading into a collapsible conical holding net. Fyke nets are static equipment, set with timber peg or small steel anchor, and are cleared every 24-48 hours after being set. Any by catch is released alive at the point of capture (with the exception of noxious species such as European carp). Eels are retained alive ant transported to our export facility in Sale. All nets are marked with licence number and contact details of operator.

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