Placement of 40 Pallets of Bee Hives.
3 People
1 Tandem Drive Truck
2 Ranger Utes
1 Advant Fork Lift

In principal endorsement 18/09/18 from Simon Gatt General Manager, Gippsland and Rohan Gordon District Forester, Planning.
Operations will be conducted per processes set out in the crown land policy and SOP.
Calajero HVP Stockdale Forest, Gippsland.
Access to Apiary Sites will be subject to normal HVP planation access policies and inductions.
Hives to be set out on mineral earth firebreaks only, no vegetation underneath.
Fire management to be per normal public land and CFA requirements, and inclusion on HVP Gippsland Fire notification lists.
Hive security/theft/loss etc remains the full responsibility of the Apiarist.
Public Liability Insurance.
WFI Policy Number 05RPL 3300033

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