This is an educational/recreational activity.
We will take the public into the pine plantations near Woodend/Macedon for the purpose of teaching them the safe and respectful way to forage autumn mushrooms. As a two or three hour event, we escort up to 20 people through the pine plantations to identify and collect edible mushrooms.
We focus on safety, for the participants regarding their personal safety as we walk through the established pines and their health as we identify those fungi which are safe to consume.
We arrive in the plantation in our own private vehicles, using designated roads and park in a single line alongside the plantations, walking into the tree areas on foot.
All participants are warned of the inherent dangers of uneven surfaces and falling branches and sign an acknowledgement of such.
Each group is with us for a maximum of 3 hours which includes standing as a group in the forest learning about the forest and it’s mushrooms, and wandering freely to collect.

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