Geoscience Australia (GA) an Australian Government Agency, in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Victoria, are undertaking a passive seismic survey across Victoria. This survey measures small vibrations travelling through the earth which can be caused by earthquakes, waves breaking on the shore and even trains. The data recorded at locations across Victoria is combined to create understanding of the structure and composition of the geology deep beneath.

There are 106 proposed sites spaced at 50km across Victoria and two sites are proposed on HVP plantations, Carngham, Ballarat and Jack, Gippsland.

The planned survey (50km deployment phase), scheduled for February-March 2024, involves a seismometer placed into a small hand dug hole in the ground (about 30 cm wide and deep) with a data recorder, a battery and 2 small solar panels sitting over the top for 12-24 months. A 2 person field team using a 4wd will deploy the instrument using existing roads/tracks causing the least amount of disruption to daily workings as possible. A team may visit the site every 6 months or so to ensure it is fully operational. The team will consult the land owner or manager on each occasion, before accessing the site. At the end of the recording period, the team will return to the site to remove the instrument and rehabilitate the site to near-original state with no lasting ground disturbance. If the location is unsuitable to yourselves we can readily relocate the site.

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