Test pitting works for the Project Marinus Victorian Land Route Alternative Tranche 1 Geotechnical Investigations will be undertaken along HVP access tracks from 29/06/2022 to 07/07/2022. The works will include the excavation of eleven (11) test pits within the road verge of the HVP access tracks as shown in Attachment 1. Excavations will be undertaken using a 5 tonne excavator to maximum depth of 3.0m below ground level.

Geotechnical Mapping Site Visit will be undertaken by two (2) personnel from Jacobs on 05/07/2022. The works will include walking and driving along the marked roads/access tracks (shown within Attachment 2) within HVP land. No intrusive ground breaking investigations will be undertaken as a part of this site visit.

A site visit along the proposed cable route will be undertaken by three (3) personnel from Jacobs and a sub-contractor on 29/06/2022. The works include walking and driving along the marked route shown within Attachment 3.

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