We have submitted application to DECCA to drill a small number of shallow RC drillholes that are located within some of the windrows of the existing pine plantation located at a place historically called Kuboid Hill. This is located at the eastern end of Kelly’s Lane, Creswick. The submitted work plan has been attached to this application. The area affected by this permit is on pages 5 and 6 of the .pdf attachment.

I note that a minimum of 30 days notification may be needed. We have had a drill contractor available to perform this work from the 1st December 2023. We are hoping in light of this available and the coming up of summer, we can make a start of this work by the 1st December 2023. We are expecting to have the work completed within 9 days of start.

We will have up to 5 people on-site (drillers and geologist). The equipment will consist of a small track mounted drill rig, a supporting light truck and 2 x 4WD accompanying vehicles. There will be minimum vehicular movement on Kelly’s Lane once the drill rig has been delivered to site. We have planned to collar in drill holes in the wide available existing space where previous pine logging thinning has already taken place.

Details of the drilling are included in the attached file including rehabilitation bond lodgement to the government authorities, public liability and JSA.

I can be contacted by: Adam Jones (0427 819 460) and

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