5 People,
2 Vehicles (Only to be driven on prescribed trails to a central location.
Temporary Structure – Gazebo and Tables, can be moved if required or as requested.

Plan is to setup a small Gazebo and operate a small (below 2kg) UAV as a demonstration for a potential future training activity. Short duration flights of less than 15 minutes to assess optical sensor performance. The activity is supported by Latrobe Regional Council and Airport.

UAV is able to be landed immediately if required. Non-Commerical (only research) activity.

No requirement for equipment or support and fully self-contained operation. We will have a radio monitoring VHF Frequencies.

Insurance coverage is available. Have just requested insurance certificate coverage of HVP Planations as an interested party. Coverage is extant but will update this application with the coverage certificate.

Detailed Activity Plan to be follow with insurance certificate. But previous operation has been conducted adjacent to Plantation at Latrobe Regional Airport – Contact Matt Lindsay-Noakes 0409 436 287.

Use of Latrobe Regional Airport facilities for bathroom and facilities access has been supported. Value to community is potential for recurring activity based out of Latrobe Regional Airport – Latrobe Council Contact: Bruce Connolly 0408979455

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