We would like to continue to use the quarry area for ascent and decent training and vehicle control training . We use it also for winch training at times. Students circulate around the quarry 4-5 times using the various gears and vehicle controls to find out how their vehicles operate. After they are familiar with the controls we occasionally go for a drive on some of the tracks so they can see what they have learnt. We are usually only in the area for max 1-2 hours per day, when we have courses. PNL 4WDriving also use the Enfield state forest for other drives as it has different terrain. The quarry is great as it is a safe and easily controlled environment.

PNL 4WDriving is a Registered Training Organisation Operating for over 30 years. We are also a Parks Licenced tour operator(LTO) and have the yellow VTIC tick for a Quality tourism operator. we have held all these qualifications for well over 20 years now.

PNL 4WDriving has small classes of up to 8 vehicles max and have classes 4-5 times a month but these are spread over our different training locations Narbethong, Smythesdale and soon Bairnsdale. At Smythesdale, the theory section and some of the practical course is of our training area of the Ballarat 4wdrive track and a 4WD course generally last 2 days with sometimes a third day of winch or refresher training being conducted. We like to give our participants practical skills on real 4wd tracks after they understand how the basics of their vehicle works. We tach the complete range of 4wd subjects from all of the training packages from new beginners right though to 4wd instructor levels.

PNL 4WDriving has trained some of your staff in previous years, and would love to again. We would be happy to answer any questions that would assist you in making a favorable decision. Please ring 0400 158 925 and speak with Nyrie Butterfield. Owner and manager. PNL 4WDriving

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