Targeting four species of introduced fungi, namely:
Lactarius Deliciosus, Suillus sp., Tricholoma Terreum, Rhizopogon Rubescens
Primarily will be harvesting L. Deliciosus and Suillus sp.
This will involve one station wagon driving through and searching for fruiting sections of plantation. Then the vehicle is pulled off the road safely, one to four people will search through the section of plantation on foot collecting fungi.
The vehicle will remain on decent roads and will not have major off-road capacity this ensures only reasonable paths are accessed.
This may commence from 7am and can continue until 5pm.
Activity is undertaken daily during Autumn and Winter and may be undertaken at various different plantations on each day. As it is seasonally dictated it is impossible to plan which exact plantation, or area within a plantation the activity will be undertaken.

—Note for application—
I have called and spoken to HVP regarding specifics and am submitting this application without Insurance attached because I need more information and details from HVP.

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