I, Sequoia Lewien, am applying for an individual permit to collect on behalf of Rhizocore Technologies as their lead mycologist.
Rhizocore is aiming to produce locally sourced mycorrhizal fungi to enhance tree planting success. By finding and using species of local providence, we offer a sustainable solution to accelerate woodland regeneration, improve forest productivity, and increase natural capital benefits and biodiversity. We will be collecting mushroom samples doing the autumn fruiting season and in wet periods throughout the year. We identify species in the field and take limited samples. No threatened or vulnerable species are taken. The growing and isolation process occurs in a laboratory in Sydney. We have biosecurity and hygiene protocols to prevent cross site contamination and autoclaves to ensure waste and equipment are sterile.
Two mycologists will be on site to undertake collections. They will access the site with a car and locate an appropriate parking place prior to entering the site. HVP will be notified prior to entering the site. Mycologists will stay on site for a maximum of two hours.

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