Bakers Gully harvest & transport, Bright

HVP Plantations wish to advise of Spring 2018 harvesting and haulage operations in Bakers Gully, Bright. This continues the lifecycle of plantations in the Bakers Gully catchment.


An area of plantation in Bakers Gully Bright is due for harvest in Spring 2018. We plan to commence harvesting trees mid to late October 2018, continuing into November. Harvesting is expected to take approximately five to six weeks.

The worksite shaded in green (see map below) will be closed for the duration of the operation. For everyone’s safety, be aware of increased heavy vehicle traffic, machinery and road closures within the plantation. Closures surrounding the worksite will include Breen Rd, Cooper Rd, and firebreaks adjacent to the site. Valley View Walking Track will be closed for a shorter time while the top section of the site is harvested.

Worksites are hazardous, and risks to people’s safety are not always obvious. Please respect all signage and seek alternative spaces for recreation.

The current crop of trees is between 28 and 34 years old, and ready to be converted into sawn timber and other building and paper products.


Our drivers will transport the plantation logs from the worksite to HVP’s customers in Myrtleford, Wangaratta and Benalla. The haulage route (marked in red on map below) includes Bakers Gully Rd, along Ireland St and meets the Great Alpine Road at the intersection with Anderson St.

Drivers will observe a voluntary trucks-only 20km/hr speed limit through the school zone on Bakers Gully Rd. This slow and steady transport will be geo-fenced, meaning that the speed of our trucks is remotely verifiable by the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Transport will commence a week or so after harvesting commences, and is expected to continue to early December.

After harvest: preparing for replanting

Following harvest, the site will be prepared for replanting next Winter. Preparation will include some hand and machine ground based weed control, and preparation of the site for replanting using excavators and/ or bulldozers.

Map of Bakers Gully Bright harvest and haulage

A higher resolution PDF version of the above map is available here: BakersGully2018_HrvHaul_Map_hiRes

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