Ballarat District – Fuel Reduction Burning Autumn 2017

HVP Plantations is planning Fuel Reduction Burns of both post-harvest residue in recently harvested forest sites and fuels in native vegetation blocks on HVP’s estate at Carngham, Cape Clear, Creswick & Invermay areas. These operations are planned for April to June 2017.  The timing of each burn is dependent on site and weather conditions that assist in achieving a safe and controlled burn.

Fuel reduction is an important tool in a fire prevention and suppression strategy for all landholders. Areas treated by a fuel reduction burn form an important component of HVP’s overall fire prevention and suppression plan, along with firebreak maintenance, track access and signage, employment of summer firefighters and regular patrols of plantations during high risk fire days. As a large landowner, HVP’s fire prevention program is part of a cross tenure strategy being pursued by DWELP and CFA to protect high risk communities under the Safer Together policy. For burns in native vegetation there are a number of objectives including to minimise the risk of wildfires to the community and to enhance ecological values of the vegetation by promoting regeneration of native species and control of environmental weeds.

Where these operations involve burning residues from harvesting operations, the material is placed into heaps and a mineral earth break is constructed around the boundary to reduce the risk of escape. For native vegetation burns, mineral earth control lines are constructed to standards recognised by fire authorities

HVP Plantations is a registered brigade with the CFA and maintains a fleet of firefighting resources and appropriately trained and skilled staff. All burns will be registered with VicFire and relevant authorities and neighbours will be notified prior to ignition of each area. 

Consultation has occurred with Hepburn Shire, City of Ballarat Shire, DELWP, and the CFA region and local brigades prior to any proposed burn. In some cases burning will be conducted jointly with CFA local brigades. Letter drops to dwellings adjacent to proposed burns has occurred.

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