Ballarat District Weed control program

October 24, 2017

HVP Plantations wish to advise of upcoming herbicide operations in the plantations in the Ballarat Region of Victoria, at the Carngham plantation.
This weed management operation will see the application of selective herbicides to the past few years of planted areas.
A helicopter will be used to accurately broad spray the planting area.
Where it is unsuitable to use the helicopter, ground based machinery or hand application will be undertaken.
The operation is scheduled to commence in early late October/ early November and last approximately 2 days. The program will be delayed if conditions are not suitable.

HVP will install on ground signage in advance of the operation to highlight the specific areas to be treated. Buffer zones are employed ensure the operation is safe and contained. Buffers of 200m are applied between the operation and residential dwellings and 30m between the operation and protected waterways and adjoining properties.
This operation is being used to ensure that the newly planted seedlings have reduced competition for water and nutrients this summer.
By ensuring effective weed control at this early stage of growth, herbicide applications are generally limited to this one period over the 30-year rotation.

The use of herbicide in Victoria is in accordance with the Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) (Herbicide) Regulations 2005. Further information can be found at

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