Bright/Porepunkah thinning, on Back Porepunkah Road

May 25, 2017

An area of pine plantation will be thinned along the Back Porepunkah Road opposite the Bright Country Golf Club, extending from the intersection with Roberts Creek Road, through to just east of Tom Briggs Road. Harvesting machinery will be active in the area for approximately five weeks from late May 2017, and logs will continue to be transported out of the plantation for a further three to four weeks.

Trucks may enter and exit the plantation to the Back Porepunkah Road from Roberts Creek, Aroma Lakes and Tom Briggs Roads. The impacts on local residents by trucks and associated machinery will be minimised as far as is practicable. However, increased activity can be expected and care should be taken – particularly around the boundaries of the plantation, and at these points of truck access to and from the plantation.

Felling and processing trees, and loading trucks are hazardous activities. Large machinery is involved and the ability of operators to hear and see beyond the immediate area of operations is often restricted. To keep everyone safe, signage will be in place on ground to highlight the worksite location. Please adhere to closure of the worksite.

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Also please note that all of our operations are subject to weather constraints and customer demand, so may change.

If you have any other enquiries regarding this operation please contact HVP Plantations on (03) 5731 2000.

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