Cable harvesting at Tower Hill/Stackey Gully, Bright

Operations update 24/8/2018:
  • Cable harvesting is continuing through to late October. The updated map below shows the areas still to be harvested in this series of operations.
  • Trucks will continue to transport logs out of the area through to November. Haulage routes are marked on the map below.
  • Tower Hill Lookout remains closed through to mid September while trees near the transmission lines are harvested.
  • Clear Spot Road reopened today – it’s been recently graded, so caution is advised of possible slippery conditions when wet.
Map: Cable harvesting and haulage through to October/November 2018 (click on map to zoom in view)
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Update 4/4/2018:
Revised start date, Tower Hill lookout & haulage route safety
  • The operation will now commence Monday 9/4/2018, as the crew’s previous works have taken a few days longer than expected.
  • Access to the Tower Hill lookout will close from Monday 9/4/2018. We anticipate the lookout to be closed throughout Winter, with the reopening date subject to harvesting progress and weather conditions.
  • Roads used by log trucks (the two haulage routes noted below) will remain open, however if walking, running or riding in the area, we urge caution in sharing the road. You can communicate with truck drivers on UHF channel 25.

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Our cable crew will commence harvesting in the Tower Hill/Stackey Gully area on 26 March 2018. Harvesting the trees and transporting logs from the areas marked on the map below are planned to finish in November 2018. The site includes the north western and south eastern facing slopes of Tower Hill, and the north eastern facing slopes rising up to Clear Spot Rd and Snake Ridge.

Trucks will use two log haulage routes:

  1. Stackey Gully Rd, Neil Bentley Rd, Tower Hill Rd, Deep Creek Rd, Ritchie Rd through to the Buckland Valley Rd. Griffin Rd down to the Great Alpine Rd will be a dry weather alternative.
  2. Snake Ridge Rd, Hocking Rd, Longley Rd, Royal George Rd, and Farrelly Land to the Buckland Valley Rd.

Please be aware of an increase in heavy vehicle movement in and out of the plantation, increased machinery, and signage about plantation road closures in this area. Seek alternative spaces for recreation and respect all signage – which is in place for the safety of the public and our contractors. Road closures will be in place at various times on Clear Spot Rd, Snake Ridge Rd, Tower Hill Rd, and SEC Rd which will affect access to Tower Hill lookout. Any road or worksite closures refer to not only vehicles but also to walking/running, cycling, trail-biking, and horse-riding.

The forest products will be delivered to local mills in Myrtleford, Wangaratta and Albury. Following harvest, the area will be replanted with pine trees in the following winter.

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March-November 2018 cable harvesting shaded green in the Tower Hill/Stackey Gully area
March-November 2018 cable harvesting in the Tower Hill/Stackey Gully area

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