First load out of HVP with PBS A-double

August 29, 2019

Western Regions first Road Train has hauled 4 bunks of 6 metre sawlog products in Mt Gambier.  Performance-Based Standards (PBS) vehicles are designed to perform their tasks as productively, safely and sustainably as possible, and to operate on networks that are appropriate for their level of performance. Moreland Holdings PBS Approved Road Train is permitted to haul a Gross weight of 81.00 tonnes on this route, and achieved a Net Weight of 56.98 tonnes for this load.

While normal B-doubles are capable of carrying 45 tonnes, this configuration can carry up to 62 tonnes; almost a third extra payload.  This means fewer trucks on roads!

The configuration is 30 meters long and has the same tracking as a 26 meter B-double thanks to a dolly between the A and B trailers.  In order to meet the PBS criteria it was manufactured to the static rollover threshold of no less than 0.35g, is fitted with EBS braking, four on board scales, automatic load binders, folding front guards to constrain the logs, and work lights around the entire trailer.

The PBS scheme provides industry opportunities to innovate, resulting in improved productivity, safer performance and the least possible effect on roads and bridges.  The scheme focuses on how well the vehicle behaves on the road, rather than how big and heavy. ​

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