Gippsland – Rosedale Fire Salvage February 2019

February 12, 2019

HVP Plantations can confirm that the Rosedale West Boundary Track South Fire, which has been declared under control, has impacted roughly 2,200 hectares of pine plantation. HVP crews continue to work alongside CFA and Forrst Fire Management Victoria to monitor the fire affected area.
We thank everyone in the community who have worked tirelessly on the fire management effort. Firefighting resources have been scaled back and an initial ‘Transition to Recovery’ plan has been put into place.

Our focus now turns to salvaging the harvestable standing trees and preparing the burnt area for replanting the replacement crop of pine trees.
Plantation tree stock losses are estimated to incur a nett loss of several million dollars. There will also be additional harvest, land preparation and replanting costs.

HVP is unable to determine the final loss until salvage harvest is completed and we accurately assess what has been realised from our salvage recovery efforts. All harvesting equipment that was in the fire vicinity was safely relocated. However, to complete the salvage harvest prior to wood quality declining substantially, additional harvest capacity will be required. This is currently being sourced by HVP.

Approximately 1,100 hectares of 12 to 23-year-old fire affected trees have been earmarked to be salvage harvested over the next 7 months. The extent of fire effects and charcoal on the logs will determine whether they are sold to local or to export markets. The remaining area of trees less than 12 years old is unsalvageable and will be treated to prepare for replanting. The entire fire affected area will be replanted over the next three planting seasons.

There is no impact on existing supply arrangements to our customers.

Due to unstable ground, burnt out trees in danger of falling and causing injury and our salvage harvest efforts, the area is not safe for the public.
It is important everyone abides by the road and plantation closures, for their own safety and the safety of those working to secure the area.

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