Harvest Plan for Mystic Plantations – Bright

While being a working forest supplying timber to local processors in Myrtleford and Wangaratta, the Mystic plantation area also caters for a range of recreation opportunities, including the Mystic Mountain Bike Park.  Alpine Community Plantation Inc (ACP) (external link) is the community-based organisation that enables mountain biking, walking, paragliding, and other event-based activities in plantations in the Alpine Shire.

The plantation estate inside the Mystic MTB Park area is maturing and is becoming of the age and quality for harvest. HVP is actively staggering the harvest profile so we can continue to support recreation in Mystic Park while progressing our forestry operations. Harvesting areas throughout the park provides opportunities to refresh and improve trails, as it currently occurs in other parts of the world, including Rotorua and Nelson in New Zealand and other commercial plantation forests in the United States and Europe.

The map below provides an estimate of when different areas of the Mystic area are due to be harvested.  Two types of operations occur, one is thinning where a selection of trees are removed from the stand, and the other is clearfall, where all trees are removed from the site and the area is replanted back in to pine plantation.  The timing of each proposed operation is estimated and may change due to a number of different factors; including:

  • Weather of the day (too wet, too dry, etc);
  • Available markets for the timber;
  • Other priorities, such as fire affected areas; and so on.


Photo below is of a recently thinned pine plantation on Morses Creek Road (2017)


Photo below is of a clearfelled pine plantation between Bright and Porepunkah (2011/2012)

The timing of coupes (proposed harvest areas) are more certain in the near term, and as time moves forward, the proposed timing of those coupes becomes less certain.

If you would like to be notified via email closer to when the operations will occur, please register at   Another option is to follow ACP’s ‘Mystic Park & Hero Trail’ Facebook page.


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