Harvesting and Haulage Operations at Sandy Creek, Walwa

October 25, 2017

HVP Plantations wish to advise local residences of the planned radiata pine plantation harvest at the end of Sandy Creek Road. This harvest operation is expected to commence October 2017.

The clearfell operation will see the harvest of plantation trees for subsequent transport and processing into sawlog products for housing and other construction, and chiplog for paper and medium density fibre board manufacturing. Logs will be transported to Tumbarumba, Tumut and Albury for processing.

Residents and the general public are advised that log trucks will be using Sandy Creek Road south of Walwa. If you would like to communicate with the log truck drivers they will be available on UHF channel 40 on main roads.

Felling and processing trees, and loading trucks are hazardous activities. Large machinery is involved and the ability of operators to hear and see beyond the immediate area of operations is often restricted. To keep everyone safe, on ground signage is in place to highlight the specific areas of the operation in the plantation. If you see these signs DO NOT continue past the signs, you must seek an alternate route.

All of our operations are subject to fire and weather constraints and customer demand and may be altered without notice. However effort will be made to keep you informed.

In an effort to help us to improve our communication and operations, HVP encourage you to contact us through our website with any feedback.

For further specific information regarding these operations please contact HVP Plantations on 03 5731 2000.

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