Lifecycle of Bright plantations continues

HVP Plantations is continuing the activities of a working forest to grow, care for, harvest and re-establish pine trees. All of our operations contribute to the overall plantation lifecycle. Harvesting is staggered across the landscape in a patchwork of age classes.

Trees are harvested as each section of plantation reaches maturity at between 25 and 30 years, and logs are transported to local and regional customers in Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Benalla and Albury, and into NSW. Thinning operations also produce timber part way through the rotation by removing a selection of trees and keeping the best performers through to final harvest.

The harvested areas are then prepared for Winter planting when soil moisture is right for new pine trees to be successfully established.

Current operations (May 2018)

Current operations in Bright and surrounding locations include:

  • Cable harvesting and haulage around Tower Hill is continuing through to November.
  • Roadwork activity has reduced for the season over Winter and will pick up again in Spring.
  • Preparation for planting is almost complete ready for Winter planting. Recent rain was very welcome, however we are looking forward to more so that our planting crews can commence planting 800,000 trees on sites across the Ovens District.

A large number of locals make up the workforce to keep the plantations safe and productive. Jobs are diverse such as machinery operation, planning and environmental stewardship, leadership and management oversight, OHS coordination, fire crew, and silviculture crews controlling weeds and planting trees.

Safety for everyone

We need to keep operational worksites safe, so it is crucial that everyone adheres to safety signage. It’s essential that members of the public do not walk, drive or ride past worksite signs, or go around or through barriers such as temporary fencing or gates. We have discussed the issue of unauthorised access to worksites with local police.

Community recreation

HVP recognises the connection many people have to the surrounding hills, and we work in partnership through Alpine Community Plantation to enable recreational opportunities. This includes the Mystic mountain bike park, and a range of walking, running and riding outdoor activities and events throughout the year.

Keeping in touch with HVP

HVP welcomes contact and feedback from the community. We visit and provide information to immediate neighbours of our operations, and have a range of other methods for interested people to keep in touch.

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