Log Trucks at Cudgewa and Tintaldra

August 14, 2017

HVP Plantations would like to update the Cudgewa and Tintaldra communites about log haulage along Cudgewa Valley Road.

These communities may notice an increase of log truck traffic on the Cudgewa Valley Road, and the section of the Murray River Road between Tintaldra and Walwa. This is more likely to occur during and immediately after significant rainfall events.

HVP Plantations aim to minimize the volume of log truck traffic on this route, however if you would like to communicate with any of the log truck drivers they will be available on UHF channel 40.

In an effort to help us to improve our communication of operations, HVP Plantations encourage you to contact us through our website with any feedback. For further specific information regarding these operations please contact HVP Plantations on 03 5731 2000.

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