Mt Macedon harvest and haulage operations recommencing

November 24, 2020

The harvesting and haulage operations are scheduled to recommence by mid-December.

Once harvesting has been completed on these currently leased plantations, the area will transition to the Department of Land, Environment & Water for revegetation to native species and ongoing management.

What you can expect

As well as changing views you can expect to see:

  • Road works to prepare the site for traffic and machinery.
  • Heavy machinery felling, processing and stacking the logs in the plantations.
  • Trucks carrying logs to our customers.
  • Heavy machinery preparing the ground for revegetation with native plants.
  • Signage within and on the edge of the plantations highlighting safety requirements.
  • Road closures in place on roads that enter onto active plantation operations.Felling and processing trees and loading trucks are hazardous activities. Large machinery is involved and the ability of operators to hear and see beyond the immediate area of operations is often limited.
  • We have a duty of care for all workers and visitors to our plantations. For these reasons:
  • Your safety is important to us



  • Public Access to the plantation is restricted for the duration of the harvesting operations
  • Seek an alternate space for recreation
  • Please observe all safety signs
  • If you have any queries on any aspect of the harvesting operation or would like to draw our attention to any relevant matters please contact HVP Plantations on 5339 0000 or email

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