North East Aerial Fertiliser Program

May 9, 2017

HVP Plantations wish to advise of upcoming fertiliser operations in the plantations in North East Victoria. They will be occurring in the Warrenbayne, Toombullups, Stanley, Ovens, Merriang, Bright, Morgans Creek, Kancoona, and Shelley Plantation areas.

These operations will involve the application of granular fertiliser to established stands of various ages. A helicopter will be used to accurately broadcast the fertiliser. The operation is scheduled to commence in early May and take approximately 5 days across 2 weeks to complete.

HVP will install on ground signage during the operation to highlight the specific area that will be treated. Buffer zones are in place to ensure the operation is safe and contained. Buffers of 200m are applied between the operation and residential dwellings, and 20m between the operation and protected waterways and adjoining properties.

This operation is being undertaken to correct nutrient deficiencies and to enhance the growth of the plantations. The products being applied are common agricultural fertilisers, which include Urea, Ammonium Sulphate, Super Phosphate, DAP, Sulphur, and Boron.

The use of fertilisers in Victoria is in accordance with the Agriculture and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) (Fertilisers) Regulations 2007. Further information can be found at

If you have any questions about these operations please give our office a call on 03 57312000.

Maps showing the location of the planned operations are below-:

Aerial Fertiliser Program Merriang 2017       Aerial Fertiliser Program Ovens 2017   Aerial Fertiliser Program Kancoonah 2017 

Aerial Fertiliser Program Bright 2017   Aerial Fertiliser Program Stanley 2017

Aerial Fertiliser Program Shelley 2017

Aerial Fertiliser Program Warrenbayne 2017   Aerial Fertiliser Program Toombullups 2017


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