North East Foliar Sampling Program – Using Firearms

June 29, 2017

HVP Plantations wish to advise of upcoming foliar sampling operations in the plantations in North East Victoria. They will be occurring in the Warrenbayne, Toombullups, Stanley, Merriang, Bright, Havilah, and Shelley Plantation areas.

We will shortly be commencing our annual foliar sampling program to determine the nutritional requirements of our plantation. We are currently planning to commence in the week starting July 31st.  As part of this program firearms will be used to collect samples from older trees.

Sampling is subject to suitable weather conditions and will be conducted during business hours at some stage over two weeks. It is anticipated that sampling will only take only a few hours in each area.  Please be aware that shots may be heard as we conduct this work.

HVP will ensure that the operation is conducted safely, and with minimal disturbance to the public. This will be achieved by:

  • Using firearms only where other options are not practicable, and then only using shotguns (which have a short range).
  • Locating sample points away from residential areas.
  • Directing shots only into the air and away from private property.
  • Ensuring that firearms are registered and that operators hold appropriate firearms licences.
  • Ensuring that firearms safety code and firearm regulations are known and adhered to at all times.
  • Notifying the Police and neighbours who may be affected by the programme.

As always please contact our office or the Police if you see any suspicious activities in the plantation. If you have any questions about these operations please give our office a call on 03 57312000.

Maps showing the location of the planned operations are found below-:

Foliar Sampling Stanley 2017

Foliar Sampling Toombullups 2017

Foliar Sampling Warrenbayne 2017

Foliar Sampling Bright Porepunkah 2017

Foliar Sampling Merriang 2017

Foliar Sampling Shelley 2017

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