North East Fungicide Program

HVP Plantations wish to advise of upcoming fungicide operations in the plantations in the North East region of Victoria.

The plantations being treated is affected by Dothistroma Needle Blight, which if left uncontrolled, will defoliate the plantation trees, and severely reduce growth.  All of this work will be completed by aerial application using a helicopter.  The operation is scheduled to take place between 23rd October – 3rd November, and is expected to take approximately 3-4 days.  The starting date of the program will be delayed if weather conditions are unsuitable.

The plantations involved are Running Creek near Kancoona, Morgans Creek near Havilah, Basin Creek,  Carboor, Merriang, Wandiligong, Bright, 15 Mile, and Shelley

HVP will install on ground signage in advance of the operation to highlight the specific area to be treated.  Buffer zones are employed ensure the operation is safe and contained. Buffers of 200m are applied between the operation and residential dwellings and 20m between the operation and adjoining properties.

The aircraft to be used is equipped with satellite guidance equipment specifically designed for accurate placement of agricultural products.The fungicide to be used is Nordox 750 which contains Copper oxide as the active ingredient. The use of Fungicides in Victoria is in accordance with the Agriculture and Vetinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Regulations 2007.  Further information can be found at

Maps showing the location of the planned operations are found using the links below.

Carboor Merriang Oct 2017

Kancoonah Oct 2017

Morgans Creek Oct 2017

Basin Creek Oct 2017

Bright Wandiligong Oct 2017

15 Mile Oct 2017

Shelley Oct 2017

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