Porepunkah: harvest March-June 2021

UPDATE 1/3/2021: The harvest operation will commence during the week of Monday 15 March 2021.


December 2020: HVP Plantations wish to advise of upcoming Porepunkah operations in the areas surrounding Dean Springs, Ritchie Road and Farelly Lane. You may see operational activity and worksite closures in the coming weeks, which is preparation for a harvest operation in 2021. These operations will continue the life cycle of pine plantations in this area.

Road works

An important task to set up for harvesting is road maintenance and also earthworks for where logs are stacked up ready for transport. Road maintenance is planned for week of Monday 7 December at the locations marked on the map below. Some closures will be in place for grader work during this week, and additional earthworks will be at a later date. Please look out for worksite signs in the area and do not cross past them.

Harvest & replanting
  • The area shaded green in the map below is due for harvest, commencing late March 2021 planned through to May/early June.
  • Site preparation and weed control will be completed prior to Winter tree planting of the next crop.
  • Our drivers will transport the plantation logs from the worksite to HVP’s customers in Myrtleford, Wangaratta, Benalla, and NSW to be converted into sawn timber and other building products.
  • The haulage routes will connect with the Buckland Valley Road via Farelly Lane and also the Great Alpine Road.

HVP takes safety seriously, please note the following:

  • Worksites are hazardous, and risks to people’s safety are not always obvious.
  • The worksites will be closed (to vehicles, bikes and pedestrians) for the duration of the operations. For everyone’s safety, obey all safety signs, and be aware of increased heavy vehicle traffic and machinery.
  • Please respect all signage, and do not be tempted go past signs for a closer look. This includes when the crew isn’t present.
Forest operation worksites are off limits
Forest operation worksites are off limits
Community recreation

HVP recognise that many community members have an affinity with our forests, and enjoy walking, running and bike-riding activities throughout the year. Before entering any plantations, please undertake a visitor induction and apply for a Human Powered Pass.

A number of unauthorised bike trails have come to the attention of HVP during the planning for these upcoming operations. Community members are reminded that building trails and associated structures is prohibited. If you or your friends and family are keen to get involved with volunteer trail building that is endorsed and sustainable, more information is available at Alpine Community Plantation’s Mystic Park webpage. Through the ACP process you can be connected with opportunities to build skills, work alongside others with a shared passion, and contribute to trails that meet international standards.

For more information
  • Notifications: If you would like to register to receive email notifications of other HVP operations as they occur around Bright, Porepunkah and Wandiligong, please register here.
  • Contact our office: For further information, to provide feedback, or to become a stakeholder, please contact our Myrtleford office: phone (03) 5731 2000; or email HVP via our contact page.
Porepunkah roading and harvesting
Locations of upcoming roadworks and harvesting, Porepunkah.

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