Roadline harvest and haulage operation – Racecourse Plantation – Bright

November 13, 2017

Roadline harvest and haulage operation – Racecourse Plantation

HVP Plantations will begin to upgrade the haulage road in our Racecourse Plantation in late November and December 2017. The roadline harvest operation will remove pine trees in the road construction corridor (the orange hashing in the attached map) to allow machinery to build the road at a later date. This preliminary operation of roadline harvest and associated haulage (log transport) is expected to take approximately four weeks.

The plantation timber produced during the roadline harvest will be hauled on single trailer trucks via Racecourse Road and turning right onto the Great Alpine Road. The logs will be delivered to local mills in Myrtleford, Wangaratta and Albury.

There will be clear marking and signage asking the public to stay out of restricted areas whilst the roadline harvesting is occurring. Please respect these signs as they are there for the public’s and our contractor’s safety.

The main timber harvest of this area of plantation is planned to be within the next two years, and we’ll update our neighbours and surrounding community on this closer to the time.

Please seek alternative spaces for recreation and respect all signage.

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