Stanley operations update 2021

July 2, 2021
UPDATE 7/9/2021: HVP would like to advise that a thinning operation will be completed over the next fortnight in the Yack Gate Road area. The Yack Tracks trail network is nearby on DELWP land, so we would like to advise our MTB neighbours of our crew’s presence between now and late September.

The top of Kokoda will not be accessible from up on Guy Track/Yack Gate Rd/ Gormans Rd, for the duration of the operation. Look out for worksite closure signage, be alert to heavy vehicle traffic, and thank you for remaining out of the plantation worksite.

Read on below the map for the general update for the Stanley Plantation, posted in July.

September 2022 thinning area (green) in the Stanley plantation and haulage route (red). Note that the Kokoda trail will not be accessible from the top (Guy Track)

HVP Plantations would like to update the Stanley, Beechworth and Yackandandah communities with the latest information about our forest operations, keeping safe, and recreation. Operational activity across the HVP estate is ongoing, which continues the life cycle of plantations. This includes tree planting, first and second thinnings, fertilising, through to harvest, site preparation and planting new trees. General information about the lifecycle and HVP’s range of operations is available here. Read on for the following:

  • Safety
  • Operations outlook
  • Thinning
  • Clearfall harvest
  • ‘Roadline’ harvest & construction
  • Transport
  • Silviculture
  • Mineral exploration (non-HVP operation)
  • Fire season
  • Community recreation
  • Recreation events

HVP takes safety seriously, please note the following:

  • Worksites will be closed (to vehicles, pedestrians, and riders) for the duration of the operations. This includes when the crew is not present.
  • Worksites are hazardous, and risks to people’s safety are not always obvious.
  • Follow the directions of all signage and forest operators.
  • Be aware of increased heavy vehicle traffic and machinery. The professional drivers transporting our logs are committed to safely sharing the road with other members of the community.
Forest operation worksites are off limits
Forest operation worksites are off limits

Operations outlook

Compared to last year, HVP will have more harvest and thinning activity in the Stanley plantation over the next 12 months and beyond due to two reasons:

  • Over the past 18 months HVP and our contractors have been engaged in to the huge job of salvaging timber from plantations burnt in the 2020 Black Summer bushfires (south of Myrtleford and at Shelley); and
  • Large areas of the Stanley plantation are now coming of age ready for their second thinning operation.

The outlook for the coming months is outlined below.


Thinning operations harvest a selection of trees, and encourage strong healthy growth of the remaining crop. Our current and upcoming thinning operations are as follows:

  • A crew is thinning an area adjacent to Hillsborough Road, and will continue at this location until early August 2021.
  • They will then move north of Stanley to the Chambeyron Road / Europa Gully area until mid-September.
  • This crew will be in the Number One Road area mid-September through to the end of October.
  • Then they will head across to a private landholder’s block at Silver Creek in November 2021.
Clear fall harvest

In late November / early December a crew will spend three weeks harvesting an area at Switchback Road (off the Mt Stanley Road).

‘Roadline’ harvest & construction

Roadline operations harvest a strip of trees in preparation for road construction or road improvement. Worksites will be closed from time to time for road line harvests and road works in the Bruarong, Dingle and Bald Hils areas.


Our drivers transport logs from worksites to our customers in Wangaratta, Myrtleford, Benalla, and regional NSW to be converted into sawn timber and other building and paper products. They are entering and exiting the plantation on Wooden Gate Road / Masons Road, and Hillsborough Road / Mt Stanley Road.

By Autumn 2022, log haulage routes in use will also include No. 1 Road (Yackandandah)  and Red Hill Road (Beechworth).


Various plantation silviculture operations will be completed in the coming months:

  • In July at locations throughout the plantation, samples will be shot from the growing tips of tall trees (using a firearm). This is to assess nutrition, and identify areas that need fertiliser.
  • Newly re-planted areas will be fertilised at Mudds Rd.
  • A harvested area next to Switchback Road will be prepared by a dozer for planting next winter
  • Annual firebreak maintenance works will be undertaken across the district, including slashing.
  • Some areas will be fertilised next Autumn, with a combination of helicopter and grown based methods depending on the location.
Mineral exploration (non-HVP operation)

Mineral exploration company Currawong Resources is conducting a short drilling program within HVP Plantation, which lies within its Mineral Exploration Licence EL4697. It is described as routine, low impact exploration work and will last for approximately one week. All drill sites will be rehabilitated and monitored following the completion of the program. If you would like further information about Currawong Resources’ drilling program, please contact Currawong direct on 0429 822 364 or email

Fire season

You may notice HVP fire crews patrolling plantation areas on days of escalated fire danger. On some days over the fire season the plantations are closed to everyone (unless for for fire management) – this includes HVP staff, contractors and members of the public.  Fletchers Dam is not a safe place to spend time when the plantation is closed due to fire danger. On closure days, patrolling crews would request people to leave the plantation area.

Community recreation

HVP recognise that many community members have an affinity with our forests, and enjoy walking, running and bike-riding activities throughout the year. Before entering any plantations, please undertake a visitor induction and apply for a Human Powered Pass.


An approved permit is required for any event to access HVP land.  Event operators need to apply for a permit well in advance of any proposed activity (e.g. riding, running, orienteering). Go to the plantation access page for more information on the application process.

For more information

For further information, to provide feedback, or to become a stakeholder, please contact our Myrtleford office: phone (03) 5731 2000; or email HVP via our contact page.

HVP's signs outlining induction and permit requirements, and the plantation lifecycle.
HVP’s plantation entry signs outlining induction and permit requirements, and the plantation life cycle.

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